DRIVE-IN PRO series inflatable movie projection screen



DRIVE-IN Series Movie Screen Highligts 

  • White Authentic Professional Theatrical Cinema Projection Surface
  • Standard Movie Theater Widescreen Cinemascope Aspect Ratio 2.35:1 (TV 16:9 aspect ratio available by request)
  • 1.72 High Gain Front Projection & 0.98 Gain Rear Projection
  • Same Size Picture For Both Front And Rear Projection
  • Projection surface seamless up to 60ft screen size
  • Screen Surface Height From Ground 16.5ft (6m)
  • Projection Surface Is Removable & Washable
  • Removable Rear Ambient Light & Wind Sheild
  • IFR Certificate Available Upon Request
  • Setup 10 to 20  minutes
  • 35mph Wind Rating

Included With Purchasde: 

  • Unlimited Superior telephone and e-mail support
  • Access to industry professional business group
  • Intructional setup & take down how-to-videos
  • 2″ eight ply anchoring straps
  • Steel anchor stakes
  • Heavy duty storage bag
  • High pressure blower
  • Five-year warranty
  • Repair kit


Picture Size/Frame Size

Picture Size: 8'x4.5'/Frame Size: 11'x19', Picture Size: 10'x5.5'/Frame Size: 12'x20, Picture Size: 12'x7'/Frame Size: 16'x22', Picture Size: 16'x9'/Frame Size: 21'x24', Picture Size: 20'x8.5'/Frame Size: 27'x28', Picture Size: 25'x10.5'/Frame Size: 32'x30', Picture Size: 30'x12.5'/Frame Size: 40'x34', Picture Size: 40'x16.7'/Frame Size: 50'x38', Picture Size: 50'x20.8'/Frame Size: 60'x42', Picture Size: 60'x25'/Frame Size: 74'x48, Picture Size: 80'x33.3'/Frame Size: 94'x56


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