American Made Inflatables

Superior American made inflatables since 2003.  SUPERIOR INFLATABLES a leader in American inflatable manufacturing. An American inflatable manufacturer that feels joy by bringing happiness to our 1000's of inflatable manufacturing customers over our now 20 years in business . SUPERIOR INFLATABLES is second to none as an American made custom inflatable manufacturer. We have a wide range of experience here at SUPERIOR INFLATABLES manufacturing bounce houses, giant waterslides,  inflatable movie screens, product prototypes, Hollywood Stage Prop, product replica, marketing tools, and including custom top secret government inflatables. We have creative awareness that very few in our industry have that bring custom inflatable to life as you see them in your mind's eye. 

Our core focus today is our inflatable movie screens & custom inflatable manufacturing for all industries or personal use. 

Although most of our early existence as an American inflatable manufacturer we focused heavily on manufacturing inflatable bounce houses, water slides, games and manufacturing other amusement type inflatables for party & event rental industry. We've shifted our focus away from being the most superior inflatable manufacturer of inflatable bounce house, waterslide and amusement manufacturer since the beginning of the great covid pandemic of 2020.  We're no longer the largest American inflatable manufacturer and downsized our operation to keep our product all American made quality. No out-sourcing locally or offshore when you hire America'a best manufacture of inflatables. 

Focused on furthing outdoor movies & Inflatable Movie Screen Manufacturing

Our owner and operator Richard Giammarinaro Jr has worked extensively over his career being on the bleeding edge of all inflatable movie screen manufacturing techniques and inflatable movie screen technology. Some patented US8254024, D654945, D654132 but most of his inflatable movie screen manufacturing techniques and technology are not patented. We found it was easier to push innovation further every time the industry catches up or we get copied.  Thats why we have the absolute largest selection of inflatable movie screens to choose from. We have an inflatable movie screen for every venue type and need. 

A few notable standard features for all American made inflatable movie screens that we manufacture here at Superior Inflatables. We have seamless authentic cinema projection surfaces up to 60ft wide. Supporting both front and rear projection, including a removable rear ambient light and wind shield. All screen models are rated up to 35mph wind, and some up to 50mph wind. Our inflatable movie screen recipe consists of 4 wall tube technology using multiple weight vinyl fabric ranging from 8oz for low impact areas up to 18oz for high impact areas, while using 10oz and 16oz vinyl for everywhere in between. For the lightest and most durable inflatable movie screens on the market boasting of a 5-year American made seam to seam warranty. .

Superior Inflatables is focused on leading and being the best of all American inflatable manufacturers who manufacture custom inflatables in the USA

We're superior (pun intended) when it comes to custom inflatable manufacturers. We manufacture giant inflatable advertising and promotional inflatables. Giant inflatable FMX and BMX landing ramps, just to name a few of the crazy things we do, but not limited to giant inflatables. We manufacture small custom inflatables as well. Detailed and functional Inflatables used around your home or business.

Over the years we've gained vast knowledge of custom inflatable manufacturing experience. Leveraging keen engineers, science and wide array of industry specific professionals to meet every project's needs. Often utilizing our experience to see well past your mind's eye for your custom inflatable project.   

Often, we're used as the launching pad for your new inflatable prototype from start to finish. Beginning with conceptual design all the way to finished product fresh-off-the-line. Folks generally find it easier to communicate with us when developing a product before they go overseas for mass production. We're not hungry to compete with overseas inflatable manufacturers, but when given the chance to be your OEM inflatable manufacturer we can do the job. Taking your product from concept to prototype to mass production with your branding.

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