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Coronavirus/Covid19 relief has arrived in the form of portable drive-in movie screens built here in the USA by Superior Inflatables a leader as an American inflatable manufacturer since 2003. Design and build the absolute best patented technology inflatable movie screens in the world backed by a superior american made 5 year warranty. Our most recommended portable inflatable movie screen model is our Fusion series inflatable movie screens. We favor our Fusion series screen over our other inflatable movie screens designs for portable drive in use because It has the tallest projection screen height of all inflatable movie screens available on the market today. It’s white cinema projection surface stands 120″ up to 150″ a top of the ground for larger sizes. Starting size is 12 feet wide all the way up to 80 feet wide utilizing a single solid piece of cinema fabric it’s projection surface. Never deal with a screen that has multiple white pieces sewn or welded together. For a limited time we are giving away a free FM Radio transmitter with purchase of any FUSION series inflatable movie screen or other inflatable screen models 20 feet wide or larger. Fusion series inflatable movie projection screen is very easy plug and play setup using minimal man power. Simply anchor base to ground, attach fan , push power and stand back and watch in only a matter of minutes you have a giant portable drive-in size movie screen.

Please contact for questions about rentals or sales. We are located in Southern California for portable Drive-in rental inquires.

Superior Inflatables’ Samson Roller, turning the weakest into the strongest when it comes to rolling up giant inflatables, tents and tarps.