Superior American made inflatables since 2003.  SUPERIOR INFLATABLES a leader in American inflatable manufacturing. An American inflatable manufacturer that feels joy by bringing happiness to our 1000's customers over the many years we've been in business . SUPERIOR INFLATABLES is second to none as an American inflatable manufacturer. We have a wide range of experience here at SUPERIOR INFLATABLES from bounce houses, inflatable movie screens, product prototypes, Hollywood Stage Prop, product replica, marketing tools to custom top secret government inflatables. We have creative awareness that very few in our industry have in order to bring custom inflatable to life as you see them in your minds eye. Please contact us by phone 877-946-3528 M - F or email for all inquiries.

Coronavirus/Covid19 relief has arrived in the form of portable drive-in movie screens built here in the USA by Superior Inflatables a leader as an American inflatable movie screen manufacturer since 2003. Designing and building the absolute best inflatable movie screens in the world based on patented technologies. Backed by a superior American made inflatable 5 year warranty.

Our most recommended portable drive-in inflatable movie screen model is currently our Drive-in inflatable movie screen. We favor our Drive-in series inflatable movie screen over our other inflatable movie screens designs for it's portable drive-in ability and because it has a towering projection screen height of 15ft above the ground .It's the tallest inflatable movie screen design available for sale all worldwide.

It’s white cinema projection surface hovers 180" over the ground. White projection screen size range from12 feet wide all the way up to 60 feet wide utilizing a single solid piece of cinema fabric.

Seamless projection screen fabric for superior front and rear projection with no seams. We do not sew or weld multiple white white sheets, one solid sheet.  Drive-in inflatable movie screen series inflatable projection screen are very easy plug'n play setup using minimal man power. Simply anchor base to ground, attach fan , push power and stand back and watch in only a matter of minutes you have a giant portable drive-in size movie screen.


SUPERIOR INFLATABLES is an American inflatable factory who supplies INFLATABLES SUPERSTORE with the best American made inflatables in the USA. SUPERIOR INFLATABLES started manufacturing inflatable like inflatable bounce house, water slide, inflatable movie screens and inflatable obstacle course almost 15 years ago in early 2003. Now we are known as the pioneer of new innovations for America's most popular party rentals like inflatable bounce house and inflatable water slide. Fast forward 16 years to 2019 and Superior is an industry leader in custom inflatable design,  prototype design manufacturing.

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Industrial-use commercial inflatable water slide for sale. Commercial inflatable water slides are the most fun in the summer sun. When you own a commercial inflatable water slide it's like owning a portable water park, how cool is that! Commercial inflatable water slides are the most profitable spring and summer time inflatable rental.  We're the sole distributor for SUPERIOR INFLATABLES integrated automated water system used for circulating water from pool up to top of the inflatable water slide platform where riders sits down. Automated water system is a great upgrade for all inflatable water slide purchased. Please ask sales associate for more inflation about automated water system.