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New Improved Dump'n Splash Inflatable Dunk Tank

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A solo operator, tall, outdoor, wind resilient, model. The Intimate Park Fusion strives to achieve a perfect balance of our two best selling models the ‘Intimate Venue’ and ‘Park Model’.

American Made Superior Inflatables Fan Testimonials

You build the biggest custom crazy things for us season after season.. Thanks for putting up with us. Well worth waiting for quality... Thanks Superior!!

Darin Grear

If you're looking for quality, this is the company you're looking for. I'm a very happy customer.  I have always received my orders on time and packaged professionally.

Eddie Dayz

Rich is a truly unique, creative & inventive. He's says things the way they are, no sugarcoating. Nice job on the giant slide. Keep developing new & innovative inflatables!

Roland Baks