Superior Inflatable

SKU: PM4-80

The Park Model 4 (PM4) Screen by Superior Inflatables is the best choice for outdoor venues where ceiling height and footprint is not a concern. Featuring a lightweight, solo operator design, the PM4 is able to withstand extreme wind up to 45mph. The PM4 is raised 60" (5 ft) off ground, increasing audience size by 15%, and leaves room below the screen for printed banners. The PM4 is our best choice for rear projection thanks to it’s patented beveled rear projection box. The PM4 beveled internal design allows the projection to fill the entire screen, edge to edge, whereas all other models lose a few inches on each
side due where the picture is obstructed by the frame. The PM4 delivers an unparalleled return on investment, by eliminating unnecessary staffing costs, and stress for operators. Superior Inflatables is
also the only screen manufacturer using seamless cinema fabric which is removable, washable, and always delivers the best possible picture quality in daytime, or nighttime.          80 FEET X 45 FEET ( 1101 INCHES / DIAGONAL MEASURE ) PARK INFLATABLE MOVIE SCREEN  . OTHER CUSTOM SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE .