Do you rent inflatables?

  • No, not the typical low budget birthday, party or event rental. We're a source to buy American made commercial inflatables as our trade, but Yes, we do occasionally setup custom event and corporate event for clients with minimum $2500.00 budget. 

Do you rent inflatable movie screens?

  • Yes,  any chance we get no matter how small or big the outdoor movie event is we're asked to do. Outdoor movie rentals starting at $300.00. We have a minimum $2500.00 rental outside our 30 mile delivery area. 

Are your inflatables made in the USA?

  • Yes, all INFLATABLES SUPERSTORE inflatables are American made inflatables manufactured by the best American inflatable manufacturer in the USA, SUPERIOR INFLATABLES

Are your inflatables commercial-grade inflatables?

  • Yes, every non-inflatable and inflatable we sell is industrial use commercial-grade inflatable. In fact, you might say our inflatables are SUPERIOR commercial-grade! Our supplier uses only the best materials and never cut corners during manufacturing. Old fashion American ingenuity and craftsmanship. 

How are commercial-grade inflatables different than consumer-grade inflatables available for purchase at Walmart, Target, and Sams Club?

  • Commercial-grade inflatables use heavy-duty 18oz (PVC) vinyl coated nylon, seam-reinforcements, and (at minimum) two up to eight rows of stitching since they are designed for heavy wear-and-tear.
  • "Consumer" inflatables (sold at big box stores Walmart, Target and Sam Club for example) often use lightweight nylon or oxford cloth and a single row of stitching since they are designed only for personal use. With the idea that they will fall apart often enough you have to keep buying new one to replace the old one.
  • Unfortunately, some inflatables marked as "commercial-grade"  sold by other companies pretending to sell commercial inflatables are often using inferior 13oz to 15oz vinyl and/or other substandard materials for main structure.
  • Anything less then 18oz vinyl will have a shorter lifespan in comparison to the longevity of a true industrial use commercial grade 18oz made inflatable.
  • Please make sure what you're buying really is rated for commercial use if you plan on purchasing for your business. Protect your business in case of accident by using commercial grade American made inflatables. 

Can your inflatables be used indoors and outdoors?

  • Absolutely! All of our inflatables are rated for indoor and outdoor use. SUPERIOR INFLATABLE is the "only" inflatable manufacturer offering 4 year warranty on all indoor use inflatables that is equal to their outdoor inflatable warranty, as well as being designed to withstand the heaviest demands of a busy indoor center. When using an inflatables outdoors, make sure you clean it after every use and !NEVER!, pack it up wet.

What kind of vinyl do you use?

  • We only use rip-proof 18oz PVC vinyl coated nylon on the structure of the inflatable. For cosmetic parts (such as character shapes and decorations), we will use a more flexible 7oz, 10oz, 13oz and 15oz vinyl. This cuts down unnecessary weight. It allows for a more creative and intricate designs. These cosmetic portions are usually out of reach of patrons and never affect the structure or longevity of the inflatable. All of our vinyl materials feature a special substrate, meaning they are virtually impossible to tear!

Are your inflatables considered lead free?

  • Yes,  and we understand your concern after a number of popular inflatable manufactures were busted for selling inflatables with above normal lead levels by California Governor Jerry Brown when he was the Attorney General.
  • All SUPERIOR INFLATABLE'S American made inflatable are constructed from materials that are lead-safe, meaning levels below 90ppm. This is well below even the strict CPSIA and California Proposition #65 compliance limits of 300ppm, meaning our inflatables are safe for for kids of all ages.

Are your vinyls fire rated?

  • Yes, we use vinyl materials that are flame-retardant and meet the new California NFPA 701, large and small-scale tests.

How long do your inflatables last?

  • Since our inflatables are industrial use commercial quality, they are designed to withstand heavy wear-and-tear over many years up to decades, but how long it lasts is often up to you (the same is true for cars). SUPERIOR INFLATABLE inflatable product warranty guarantees at least 4 years use before  heavy repair is needed. In reality it will last as long as the owner takes care of it. Packing up an inflatable that is wet, overloading it, dragging it across the ground (or not using a tarp), etc. are naturally going to shorten the inflatable's lifespan. since all inflatables involve vinyl panels sewn together, you will eventually need to perform minor repairs. For busy indoor centers, this is likely to happen every 1-2 years by all other inflatable manufactures and distributors. We guarantee about 4 years before major repairs are needed. We know how inconveniencing  inflatable repairs are which is why we do everything possible to reduce their frequency by reinforce high-stress areas with up to 8 rows of stitching coupled with seat belt webbing. For instance entrance step, climbing walls, pop-ups and slide lanes. Ask about our replaceable vinyl cover feature.

How long is your warranty?

  •  The longest in the industry, we are the leader when it comes to American made inflatables with an unbeatable 5 year warranty on all inflatable movie screens, 4 year warranty for all dry use inflatables (including indoor use inflatables), 2 year warranty for all wet use inflatables and 1 year warranty for all custom inflatables.
  • Since indoor centers often have much higher usage rates at more then double outdoor rentals a majority of all other inflatable manufactures provide a small limited 1 year warranty for indoor centers.
  • That's not the case at INFLATABLES SUPERSTORE where all indoor inflatables receive 4 year warranty because we sell SUPERIOR INFLATABLE products. In either case, during the first 90 days (when most warranty issues are discovered), we pay round-trip shipping and provide loaner inflatable when applicable for the first half of your warranty. Yes, all expenses paid by us. After that period, you pay to ship it to us (or we can approve a local repair center) and, if it is a warranty claim, we will fix it and ship it back at no charge.

 How do I transport and install inflatables?

  • Our customers use anything from a pickup to a box truck, depending on the size of the inflatable. We have customers who can deliver up to 3 outdoor movie setups in a Honda Civic. You're also going to want a heavy-duty hand truck or dolly to movie heavy weight inflatables and always protect your inflatables by using heavy-duty tarps, and you may want to consider buckle straps. Please know all of our inflatables include everything else you will need for installation, as well as pdf user manual.

Do I need insurance?

  • Yes, all party rental companies should have insurance. To help, we maintain a list of several insurance companies our customers recommend.

Where are you located?

  • We are located in Southern California the heart of America's textile and garment industry a couple hours north of Mexico (habla espanol). 

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

  • Yes, we welcome visitors to visit us at our San Marcos, California location in side North San Diego County. Often customer will plan a Southern California vacation and stop in. Be aware often we're working on projects protected under Non Disclosure Agreement with our customers. Privacy is the utmost importance. In effort of protecting our clients intellectual property and information please call or email for an appointment. Walk-In's might be turned away if timing is bad. 

 Are your inflatables built in China?

  •  NO!, we're all American made inflatables by SUPERIOR INFLATABLE.
  • Many people are rightly concerned about the quality of "Chinese inflatables" after knowing the dark history of Chinese made inflatables. The worst are Chinese made inflatables with out American location or representation. The risk are high and the product are so are the product casualty rates. Inflatables made in China last half as long as the worst built American made inflatables. 
  • Our supplier SUPERIOR INFLATABLE has multiple location in Southern California. SUPERIOR'S designs and manufacture's their our own inflatables in house. American craftsman ship at it's best. 

 What do your inflatables come with?

  • All of our inflatables include a heavy-duty blower, tie-down straps, metal ground stakes, repair kit, and user manual. Inflatable games also include the necessary accessories (headgear, joust poles, etc.). 

Are your inflatables in-stock?

  • We try our best to keep inflatables in-stock during the busy inflatable season (March-October in the U.S.). However, we have over 1000 different inflatable designs and we can't always keep each one in-stock. Many of our most popular inflatables we try to keep on hand as much as possible, so we always ask our customers to give us a call to check on a product still in-stock. If it is in-stock, we can generally ship within 1-2 business days.

If an inflatable isn't in-stock, how long does it take to build?

  • If any inflatable is not in-stock, we may have one already being built. In that case, we can provide you with a estimated ship date. If we have to start from scratch, it is generally about a 4-5 week lead-time, although we can rush production if needed (for an additional cost). That's why we recommend that you place an order well in advance if you need it by a certain date.

Can you customize inflatables?

  • Absolutely! The majority of customization involve color changes or height modifications (most arches can be removed, for instance), but we can also create entirely custom inflatables. Give us call, and let us know what you're looking for.

How much is shipping?

  • The answer to that question can vary dramatically. Shipping is based primarily on weight and the destination, so we really need to do a shipping quote for each order. Shipping to a commercial address or freight terminal is always cheapest, while shipping to a residential location is usually about $100 more expensive. Give us a call, and we'll get a custom quote to your address.

Where can you ship?

  • Anywhere in the world or outer space. No, seriously, we ship all over the place. Except P.O. boxes, of course! Our customers outside the U.S. typically arrange their own shipping.

How long does shipping take?

  • For destinations inside the U.S., transit time is typically 3-7 business days (not calendar days, keep in mind). When we make shipping arrangements, the freight company will usually provide an estimated transit time (usually 3-4 business days). However, unless you're willing to pay a lot more, these times are not guaranteed and once it leaves our facility, we have no control over it. Unfortunately, sometimes freight will sit at the terminal for several days until the freight company has a full load to transport. That's why we say 3-7 business days (on average) and encourage our customers not to book rentals or events until you have taken delivery.

Can I order online?

  • Yes. you may order online from this website 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Do you offer package deals?

  • Yes! Generally speaking we have inflatable package deals here as a starting point for you to consider. We much rather you simply pick out 3+ inflatables and request a quote. We'll work out a special package price for you. Please note that not all inflatables qualify for reduced pricing, and some prices (sale, blowout or clearance) are priced as low as we can go already.

What form of payments do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards, as well as cashiers checks, bank wires, ACH transfers, and money orders. We can accept personal or company checks, however we have to wait for these to clear before we can ship your order (usually 10 days).

Do you offer financing?

  • We do not offer in-house financing. We do, however, work with a number of financing companies that cater to the inflatable industry like Quick Spark Financial

How does your layaway program work?

  • Most of our inflatables are eligible for free layaway. This is really nice if you want to lock-in a sale price (or secure a ship date) but can't take delivery or pay in full right away. You can call us with any questions. 

How do I clean my inflatable?

  • Most household cleaners should work just fine. Since children are typically involved, non-toxic cleaners are a good idea. Our warehouse team frequently use Awesome from "99"-Cent or "Dollar" store. For heavier jobs, they will use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. It is important to test ANY cleaning product in an safe area first. When cleaning digitally-printed surfaces, only use a light cleaner like Simple Green and a soft cloth.

How do I clean germs and maintain a virus free inflatable?

  • Most popular germ and virucide is Odoban available for purchase from

How do I keep my slide surfaces slippery?

  • All of our inflatable slide surfaces feature a removable wear cover with a built-in slippery coating. It is not required to add anything to it. However, conditions like humidity and wear and tear can make the slide less slippery than desired over time. We recommend using Silicone Spray by spraying on the sliding lanes, as this will make it more slippery and may help prolong their life. Please note that you will likely need to replace the wear covers after a period of time.