Inflatable Rolling Machine Video

SAMSON ROLLER Inflatable Rolling Machine by Superior Inflatables. 

Learn about Samson Roller and why this is the easiest inflatable rolling machine on the market for both single and double operator use. Formerly known as the "Ratch n Roll" and at one time the "Hercules Roller" we have finally settled on a name, the"SAMSON ROLLER".  This inflatable rolling machine can turn the weakest into the strongest.  

Our inflatable rolling machine will give smaller business owners a leg up on capturing larger events. How you ask? by enabling the average person to roll an 800lbs to 900lbs inflatable unassisted. It's been noted that above average individuals are able to roll up to 1100lbs inflatables with out assistance.

For larger inflatable and tent rental companies a Samson Roller equals profits in your pocket by downsizing whats normally 2- 4+ employee down to 1-2 employee to roll.

In reality every rental delivery truck should have a Samson Roller inside, It's as important as the car jack in your rental work truck. You may never use that car jack but in the event of an emergency "BOOM" tire blow out your car jack is to the rescue enabling you to lift your loaded million ton truck to change tire.  

Samson Roller in the same fashion as a car jack will save it's owners time and money when employees call out sick last minute. No problem because your going to reach into your delivery truck and pull out the best tool for the job.

Additional side note on the Samson Roller, our customers have found additional uses for this tool that we did not imagine. A number of customers are using this tool as a way to move large inflatables up steep driveway, hills and even stairs instead of their $800 - $1500 dolly. . 

The first two videos are a great example of the added strength a Samson Roller lends to it's operator by demonstrating the difference between rolling the same giant 19ft tall by 60ft long inflatable water slide by hand back in July 2012 (torturous) in the first video. This should not normally be attempted. A slide this large should always have 2-3 people rolling it up to avoid injury. Now compare how efficiently the exact same slide can be rolled up using the Samson Roller April 2016 (Oh!, so easy!). 

1: Rolling mega triple lane water slide by hand in 2012 (OUCH!)

2. Rolling same mega triple lane water slide using the Samson Roller inflatable rolling machine in 2016

More Samson Roller inflatable rolling machine videos below

Watch one man roll up 850lb inflatable water slide unassisted in 3 minutes. 

Watch a leisurely roll of giant  double lane inflatable water slide

 Samson Roller demonstration in how it works

Demonstration in how to remove the Samson Roller center bar from your inflatable