Portable Leisure Furniture

Portable Leisure Furniture

We're starting this new product line with seating and have plans to introduce more portable furniture options in the future.

In our usual innovative ways, we developed a hybrid inflatable couch and lounger. Made of a durable vinyl covering that is fade resistant, UV protected, fire rated and mildew resistant. What makes it a hybrid, you ask? Sealed air bladder with built-in-pump for fast inflation is the base and backrest is filled with comfy beanbag filling, with optional upgrade to memory foam. Travels and stores better than all other large portable seating available on the market today. Our goal was to not only develop something functional, but to develop something affordable, and we think we hit the mark.

You have two options when purchasing. You can buy a "COMPLETE" product ready to use with some light assembly required upon delivery, or you can economically purchase "SLEEVE ONLY" and you source the filler, let me explain.

When we ship a "COMPLETE", we include the sleeve, sealed air bladder with built in pump, enough beanbag filling for backrest, and simple to follow assembly instructions. We offer a memory foam upgrade for completes.

If you buy a sleeve versus the complete. We ship out the seat cover only and give instruction on how and what to fill it with. For someone on a budget this is the best option because they have more control over final cost. For the sealed air bladder, you can use an over-the-counter twin or queen inflatable bed at least 16.5" tall. If you don't already own an airbed you can affordably purchase a manual pump inflatable bed in the $20 - $30 range or a wired built-in-pump airbed in the $60 - $100 range or best a wireless built in pump airbed that range in $100 to $150 price range.

Same can be done for backrest fill. On average you're going to spend $30 - $40 per 3 cubic feet of fill (sometimes can find on sale for cheaper). The largest seat size we sell is about 20 cubic feet of backrest fill.. but you can get away with 10- 12 cubic feet of fill for mushier beanbag action, but If you ultimately desire a firm backrest like a couch. You can add fill to your backrest as you can afford to until it has 20 cubic feet of fill inside. I hope that's not confusing.. Let me know if I confused you.

Essentially someone on a small budget that wants the most seating for their buck can purchase sleeves only, use their own air mattress they own or purchase an inexpensive manual pump air mattress, comfortably under fill the backrest and no one would be the wiser. .. but of course, if you buy a complete, we make it very easy the moment it drops on your doorstep with everything ready to go and enough filling for a firm backrest.

When it's time to go home, cleanup is simple. Remove air from inflatable bladder and roll up (do not remove air bladder/airbed), carry to your vehicle under your arm or a bunch stacked on a dolly.

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