Superior Inflatables Manufacturer is all American inflatable manufacturer

Once considered the largest American inflatable manufacturer worldwide located in Los Angeles, California since 2003. Fast forward 2016 we're a smaller superior inflatable manufacturer and  vinyl engineering company making big things happen out of San Diego, California. Original American manufacturer of the original giant slip n slide for sliding in the city. Made famous by Devin Graham aka devinsuperstramp and crew dream to slide down one of San Francisco's steepest streets on worlds giant inflatable water slide. In this viral video "Urban Surfing" viewed by over 5 million. Is now making dreams come true across the country.  Contact us to bring the WORLDS giant inflatable water slide to your town for a slide in the city.

Questions? EMAIL: Phone: 877.946.3528

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Is Superior Inflatables an American inflatable manufacturer? YES, GUILTY!

Thanks for visiting industry expert Superior Inflatables in business since 2003. Specializing in custom, amusement, advertising, industrial, commercial, recreational and OEM vinyl design, prototype fabrication and manufacturing. Inflatable designing, fabricating and manufacturing superior inflatable products for almost 14 years. Superior Inflatable brings your dreams to life.  We're dedicated to manufacturing superior American made inflatables. America’s best quality inflatables coupled with the best warranty you can depend on. Making affordable American made products. We have many standard designs to choose from. Bring flair to what ever your doing in life with stylish giant inflatables. Vinyl and inflatable products bring efficiency to everything in life and business. All industries like medical, construction, transportation, aviation, travel and leisure just to name a few examples.  Superior Inflatables popular in-house amusement ride designs hold mass appeal for all ages. Superior Inflatables started designing and manufacturing inflatables early 2003. Now 2016 we proven manufacturing "made in the USA" products are still possible in the United States of America today. Superior Inflatables now approaching 14 years in business manufacturing lasting inflatables, memories and fun.

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Superior Inflatables a custom inflatable manufacturer making dreams come true

Tell us your dreams, we'll use custom inflatable manufacturing to bring your dream to life at Superior Inflatables.

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